Food for thought

Dit gedichtje kwam ik tegen op de website van een kennis. Zij had ’t ook ergens anders vandaan, auteur onbekend. Ik heb ‘m aangepast voor de Barbet. Schattig maar wel met een moraal :-).


It’s not just a matter of buying a lead.
A collar, a basket and things that I need.

Do you know about Barbets I wonder?
If not, here’s a few things to ponder.

I’m a little baby, I’ve just left my mum.
I’ll whimper all night (I don’t suck my thumb).

I need to be warm, well fed and snug.
And I’m sure you won’t mind if I wet on your rug.

It’s no use scolding and getting tense.
Because as a pup I don’t have much sense.

But after a while, with patience and praise,
I’ll soon learn about you and your ways.

That as I grow bigger the further we go. Not just taken out for a leisurely stroll.
But a romp in the fields to gallop and roll.

I’ll get dirty, maybe smell, mud covered and wet.
Which I’m sure you’ll expect when you take on a Barbet!

Whatever the weather, it`s out for a lark.
If we don’t I’ll just bark and bark.

It’s boredom that really does it to me.
I can’t read a book or watch the TV.

Together we’ll go, (you must not forget),
For a regular visit to the local vet.

It’s not really done to leave me all day,
As I’m sure to find things with which to play,

Like wallpaper corners or the end of a mat,
The leg of a chair or Master’s old hat!

If you think you love could me despite the snags,
You’ll be rewarded with kisses and wags.

Life is not orderly, contrary to rumour…
Us Barbets are lively with senses of humour.

So it’s not just a matter of buying a lead
A collar, a basket and things that I need.

You’ve got to be caring, unselfish and kind.
So- please..Think Again… then make up your mind…

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