At this moment, we do NOT plan a litter. We do NOT have an open waitinglist. 

If you would like more information about the Barbet, feel free to contact us. We feel honest information about the breed is very important.
However, please keep in mind that we do NOT have a litter planned right now and we do NOT keep a waitinglist. 

If you are convinced the Barbet is the breed for you and you would prefer a Nuphar’s Barbet, there are
a few things we feel are important to know:

  • We do not breed for color and we don’t place puppies on color. If you are only interested in a certain color or a puppy with certain markings, we are not the breeders for you.
  • We try to find new owners who are of a similar mind to us when it comes to raising and training feeding and taking care of dogs. Reed more about these topics under ‘Food and care’.
  • On the page ‘Litter time’ you can read more about how we raise our puppies in the first weeks of their life and how we involve the prospective new owners. We also explain how we decide which puppy will be placed with which new owner.
  • We work with a waitinglist for each litter, which will be opened when we announce the litterplanning and say the waitinglist is open. The reasoning behind each litter is different, meaning we might also search for a certain kind of new owner.
  • Placement on the waitinglist will only be done after a visit: we feel it’s important that both sides feel comfortable with each other and a visit will partly decide whether or not we place you on our waitinglist. For people from other countries, a visit isn’t always possible of course, in which case we will find other ways to get to know each other.
  • we have a Puppy Questionnaire, which will tell us more about you and your family and what your expectations are. We will ask you to fill out the Questionnaire should you be placed on our waitinglist, but you can fill it out before then as well.

Our litters are raised with Puppy Culture protocols.
These protocols help our puppies stand out even more – enrichment seeking, stable and well socialized puppies.

With the current Rabies-rules in many European countries, exporting a puppy to another country has become more difficult. We are prepared, in certain situations, to keep a few puppies at our home for longer. Together with the new owner, we will set up a socialisation-plan to prepare the puppy for it’s new life as well as possible. 


We have NO plans for a litter for the foreseeable future.

We are always open for inquiries from people/families who are interested in having an intact male at stud.

We guide and advise owners of a few males from our breeding (see page Males). For our numerical small breed it is important to have as many breeding animals as possible. It’s especialy hard to find good males who are available for breeding.

We hope to make a worthwhile contribution to the population by guiding owners of males who meet all the requirements for breeding.

With every litter we breed, we base our choices on our breeding strategy.