Food and care

How we raise our dogs

On the next pages you can read about how we feed and care for our dogs.
When looking for prospective new owners for our puppies, we have a preference for people who have a similar opinion about these things.

We’ll list a few things we’d like to highlight: 

  • We feed a raw diet, consisiting of bones, meat and organs in correct proportions. This is the most natural way to feed a dog and what their gastrointestinal is made for. Our dogs do not eat kibble. They also don’t get grain-filled treats or smoked bones from the petstore, but dried snacks from appropriate material. Read more on the page ‘Raw feeding’.
  • If at all possible we use natural remedies, such as homeopathy and herbs, to keep our dogs healthy or cure small issues. Our dogs visit the osteopath at least twice a year.
  • We have titers done on our dogs to decide if they need to be vaccinated. There is no need to vaccinate if titers are still high! We don’t vaccinate our dogs against Leptospirosis, the risks associated with this vaccine are much higher then the risk of getting the disease.
  • Our dogs are only treated for worms if stool-samples, examined by a laboratory,  show there are worms present.
  • We do not neuter or spay our dogs unless there is a (medical) reason. We are currently looking into the ‘Ovary Sparing Spay’ method.
  • Our dogs are raised and trained positively. That does not mean they never hear ‘no’ or never receive a correction but we do aim for reward-based training whenever possible.
    We do not train according to one single method but look at what works for that individual.
    Raising and training based on old-fashioned dominace-theory-based methods is not appropriate for dogs and certainly not for Barbets! 

We try to feed and care for our dogs as best as we possibly can. We are convinced dogs with a healthy and strong immune system are the most capable of producing pups with the same strenghts.
After we give them the best possible start, we hope the new owners will continue down the same road!