Grand Ch. Ch. VCh. JCh. BISS Quaciëndas Alba Aqua-Aura

Mother: Quaciëndas Amy Unique (NL/NL)
Father: Borealii Choco-Pop (FI/PL)
Breeder: G.H. Los-Romeijn, Driebergen-Rijssenburg (NL)
Born: 6 March 2009 2 brothers (brown) & 2 sisters (brown and black)

Hips: A
Eyes: Free of all eye-problems (28-10-2011, 04-10-2013, 17-02-2017)
Alba on Pawpeds
Alba in the Dutch Kennel Club Database
Alba’s BetterBred certificate

Dam to the Nuphar’s A to H litter, 31 May 2012
Dam to the Nuphar’s I to O litter, 27 December 2013

Alba was born as the second puppy of 5, the first girl to be born.
It was soon apparent Alba was a quiet puppy, never the first in line to beg for attention or to be picked up. She often slept when her siblings were awake and vice versa.
Still, she was our favourite from the very first visit. Anne fell in love
with her beautiful head when she wasn’t even 2 days old. As the characters got more clear, it was decided that Alba would fit best with us.


When Alba was 8 weeks old we brought her home. Here she instantly turned from a quiet, slightly withdrawn puppy into a loving, playful pup who followed our every move.

She was a model puppy: loving every new situation and never showing any fear. In new situations, she turned to us for support and knowing we were there she could take on anything. Alba grew up to be a stable, happy dog whose goal in life is to be with us. Active outside, she loves to sleep and be lazy when we’re at home. She loves doing anything fun with us and throws herself into whatever we decide to do with enthusiasm. Alba is a fast learner, especially when we provide good motivation. 

Alba’s name comes from Anne’s favourite book, ‘The Time Traveller’s Wife’ by Audrey Niffenegger where it is the name of one of the characters. The word alba is used in scientific names to indicate that the species is white, or at least a light colour. It’s also a common, if somewhat old-fashioned, girls’ name in Spain as well as the Celtic word for Scotland.
However, it is also a word from the old dialect spoken in the French region the Provence where it means ‘dawn’ or ‘new beginning’. It was even the name of a category of poems lovers wrote to each other, regretting the fact they had to leave each other before dawn to keep their love a secret. For us, Alba meant the start of a new period in our lives so she is a new beginning. And: Alba brightens up every day!