Ch. JCh. Nuphar’s I Take Mine Black

Fika 2,5 years

Mother: Nuphar’s Connect The Dots (NL/NL)
Father: Hickory Tavern Fool For Brookberry (US/US)
Born: 23 January 2019
7 brothers (3 black, 4 black-white) & 3 sisters (black)

Hips: A
Eyes: Free of all eye-problems (15-01-2021)
prcd-PRA (DNA): N/N (clear)
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Fika in the Dutch Kennel Club Database
Fika’s BetterBred certificate

Fika was born as the fifth puppy in the litter. More information about the litter can be found here.

Fikas nickname in the litter was Pippi(puppy) – she was a regular Pippi Longstocking: ‘I’ve never done it before, so I think I can do it’. Even with her eyes still closed she was determined to go on adventures. With 4 females in this litter, it was hard to choose, but we couldn’t keep them all. We picked Fika as our keeper because of her happy temperament and her complete, balanced conformation. 

Fika is a real girl, in build and temperament.
She loves racing around, she is very agile and fast. With her borther, mom and grandma she also likes physical romps. She is also very happy playing on her own with a toy.
To us and the people she knows, Fika is a very affectionate dog, people she doesn’t know don’t really matter much to her. Although she is very interested in other dogs, she doesn’t always need to go beyond a first greeting.
In the house Fika is very relaxed and she accepts every situation easily. 

Although Fika will need lots of time to develop depth of chest, we are very pleased with how she is constructed. She has a nice, not too big, size, bone without loosing feminity and excellent angulations. In the showring it’s not always easy to present her gait well – almost all rings are too small for her wide, flowing steps.


Fika almost 11 months

Before the litter was born, I decided that if the fifth puppy born was a black female, she would be named ‘I Take Mine Black’.
Some people say we breed for color (ie pied). People who know me even a little, know this couldn’t be further from the truth but also that íf I let a personal preference play a role, it would be for solid black.
By the way – ‘I Take Mine Black’ only goes for my dogs, not my coffee :). 

Fika’s callname is inspired by my familymembers in Sweden. Fika is very important part of the Swedish social life: it’s the word for having coffee and something nice to eat (preferable homemade) and having a chat with family and friends.

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Fika almost 18 months old