Grand Ch. Ch. VCh. JCh. MBIS BISS Nuphar’s Deep In A Dream

Mother: Quaciëndas Alba Aqua-Aura (NL/NL)
Father: Novaforesta Dudley (UK/UK)
Born: 31 May 2012
3 brothers (black) & 4 sisters (3 brown and 1 black)

Hips: A
Eyes: Free of all eye-problems (04-10-2013, 14-10-2015, 17-02-2017, 13-01-2021)
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Dam to the Nuphar’s X to D litter, 8 January 2016

Lotus was born as the fourth puppy in the litter. More information on this litter is found here.

When Lotus was born it wasn’t clear from the start she would be a keeper. Her color and markings were not the reason to hang on to her, as it might have been for others. When at 2,5 weeks she began to catch my eye more and more often and she also started to make a lot of contact with us, the doubt set in.
As a breeder you should always have an open mind and keep the puppy with the best prospects. Lotus showed early on she has many positive points and combined with her funny, outgoing attitude she convinced us to keep her at home.

Lotus is a very open, extravert dog. She’s always happy and excited, when we comehome or if we have visitors she can’t stop jumping for joy. Already as a young pup that earned her the nickname ‘Vlo’ (the Dutch word for Flea).
Outside she is much more contained, but running as fast as she can is one of her favorite pasttimes. 

Lotus and Alba are very different, and yet very much alike. They are a great pair who play a lot together. Although not yet fully matured, we’re very pleased with how Lotus has turned out so far. We’ve made an overview of her development.

Lotus’ registered name ‘Deep In A Dream’ is a song title from a song performed by, among others, Frank Sinatra. Sinatra is one of Anne’s guilty pleasures. For us the name also expresses how this breeding and Lotus herself is something we have been working toward for a long time.     

Her callname fits well with the waterplant theme that is in both Alba’s name (by coincidence) and our kennels’ prefix. While the Lotusplant is not a waterlily, it does share the habitat. The Lotusflower shows its remarkable beauty while growing in murky waters, where it’s roots are firmly attached to the bottom. These characteristics fit in with the Barbet as we know them and their original task. The Lotus is often a symbol for beauty, strength and purity which we also hope for in our Lotus.