BISS Ch. JCh. Nuphar’s Connect The Dots

Mother: Nuphar’s Deep In A Dream (NL/NL)
Father: Outdoors Asterix (NL/UK)
Born:  8 January 2016
5 brothers (1 brown-white, 1 brown, 3 black-white) & 1 sister (brown)

Hips: A
Eyes (clinical ECVO): Free of all eye-problems (17-02-2017, 19-09-2018, 13-01-2021)
prcd-PRA (DNA): N/N (clear)
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Cait in the Dutch Kennel Club Database
Cait’s BetterBred certificate

Dam to the Nuphar’s E to O litter, 23 January 2019.

Cait was born as the sixth puppy in the litter. More information about the litter is found here.

Cait’s 5 brothers were all born before her. When, after a whelping pause of 2 hours, we finaly got a female, we were over the moon. After that, another girl was born.

Then the long wait began: is one of them good enough to keep as an addition to our pack and kennel? It was hard not to get too attached to a puppy, but we made the decision based on temperament and conformation. That’s how our little ‘dot’ became Cait.

Cait is a sturdy puppy in body, but with a very sweet temperament. She’s developing into an affectionate, happy dog. She loves cuddling and actively seeks body contact with us.
Cait is very playful and can keep herself entertained for ours, playing alone with a toy, or with the other dogs.
She is an active dog but has the breed-typical off-switch.  

We’re very pleased with Cait so far. She has a lovely size, not big but with lots of bone and mass. This is more consistent with the breed before Poodles and other breeds/types were introduced. Her type is exactly what we hoped to get from this combination. We look forward to the future!

Before the litter was born, I knew that if the 6th puppy to be born was a female with spots, I would name her ‘Connect The Dots’ for her registered name. That wish came true!
Connect The Dots is a children’s game where a picture emerges by connecting little dots. It’s also an expression used to indicate that a pattern becomes clear when one knows all the facts, even if others do not know all the facts.
For us, that refers to
the pedigree of the litter: it looks to be true so far!