Litter X to D


On 8 January 2016 Lotus had a litter: 5 males and 2 females. Click on the name to go to each puppies own page.

Nuphar’s Xingalong, Quintus Nuphar’s Yours Truly, Robin Nuphar’s Zoom The Moon, Lotto
Nuphar’s Always Wanted To Say That, Boris Nuphar’s Bonus Points, Jordy
Nuphar’s Connect The Dots, Cait Nuphar’s Destination Sunshine, Taylor

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Lotus is 1 of the 8 pups from our first litter. A litter we’re very proud of, Lotus is a unique dog in more then one way. Not in the least because of she’s been very highly appreciated by judges, including French breedspecialists. Lotus is a small female but she’s got lots of bone and mass without loosing feminity. She excels in breedtype, proportions, angulation, coat and movement.
Lotus is enthousiastic and extravert, she just loves life whether it is cuddling on the couch or being active. She’s a stable and open dog but sensitive – I guess in English she’d be best described as a diamond in the rough.

From the A to H-litter 6 dogs have been x-rayed for hip dysplasia, all 6 have A-hips with good Norbergangles and even 2 with excellent junction in the hipjoint. Lotus’ Norbergangle is 38 and the junction is excellent.
The eye-tests are also good, 5 tested dogs have been free, including distichiasis.
The showresults of that litter are brag-worthy too. Lotus has 2 Best In Shows on French All Breed shows and a Best In Specialty Show, her sister Nessa has Best In Shows in the North American show-systems. However, all the dogs shown have had great reports and results in the ring.
All of them like to be active with their owners, their temperaments and especialy their enthousiastic view on life gives a lot of pleasure.

The chosen one for Lotus is Toby, registered name Outdoors Asterix. Toby is a black male of 57 cm and weighs in on 28 kilo, in the type we so love. This Dutch-bred boy lives in Scotland. In March 2015 we have visited him – seeing a dog in his own enviroment is important to us.
Toby has a BVA-hipscore of 11, which translates to FCI-B by 1 point. Of Toby’s 3 sisters 2 have been x-rayed with A-hips.
His calm but affectionate temperament makes a good match for Lotus’ exuberant character.

Toby comes from a linebreeding combination on Alba’s motherline. Click to see more photo’s of Toby. The pedigree the pups reflects the emphasis in that bloodline, but especialy because Lotus’ fairly unrelated father’s side, the inbreeding is low with 3,91% on 5 generations. This combination fits perfectly into our breeding strategy and is of the kind we had in our mind’s eye since before our first litter.

With every litter we breed, we base our choices on our breeding strategy.