Litter A to H


On May 31st 2012 Alba gave birth to 8 puppies: 3 males and 5 females. Click on the name to go to each puppies own page (pictures by Ernst von Scheven).

Nuphar’s All My Tomorrows, Dolce Nuphar’s Bling It On, Norah Nuphar’s Captivation, Philou
Nuphar’s Deep In A Dream, Lotus   Nuphar’s Everything Zen, Billy
Nuphar’s Four Leaf Clover, Thibault Nuphar’s Gift-Wrapped, Nessa Nuphar’s Hip Hip Hurray, Benji

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The partner we have chosen for Alba for this litter is Ooli (Novaforesta Dudley). You can find the pedigree of their puppies here.
Click for more pictures of Ooli and Alba, now and as puppies.

OOLI’s hips have been scored in England and Switzerland. His English score is 2:4, which is an A in FCI. In Switzerland both hips also got an A score.
Several of his 12 brothers and sisters have been scored, all have nice scores.
Ooli’s eyes have been found clear of all eye conditions for 2 years in a row.
His height is 57 cm. He has a lovely jetblack coat with loose curls.

In the UK the breed is not yet recognized but he has been judged in France, where he was ‘confirmed’ which means he is accepted into the register.
In 2010 he passed his TAN, a working ability test, with flying colours.

ALBA comes from a bloodline that has been widely used. Her motherline has been spread all over the world. Her father is a stud with offspring that has conquered several continents as well. The bloodline is known as healthy and with very few problems.
Alba comes from a litter of 5 of which 4 puppies have been hipscored, with good results. 3 out of 5 have had eye-tests and are clear of problems.
All have a nice size and type, 4 have been showed with good results and all are happy to work with their owners.

The goals we hope to achieve with this litter are puppies with the same happy, friendly and open character with the same ‘old bloodlines’ type as their parents.
These puppies will be ‘can-do’ Barbets: Versatile workers, loving companions. Happy to work and happy to relax.

The combination will have a relatively low inbreeding coefficient while still combining old bloodlines with a splash of ‘new’.
To read more about how we decide which combination we feel is best, read our breedingstrategy.