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Dutch Champion
Pointed towards International Show Champion

Available at limited stud

Mother: Quaciëndas Alba Aqua-Aura
Father: Novaforesta Dudley
Born: 31 May 2012
Owned by: Olav, Paula, Isa, Eva and Noor van Schie
Lives in: Rhenen, The Netherlands

Hips: A
Eyes (clinical ECVO): Free of all eye-problems (04-07-2014, 18-12-1025, 27-01-2017, 10-01-2020, 10-06-2022)
prcd-PRA (DNA): N/N (clear)
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A visit to Billy (21 October 2012)

Sire to the von Springbell E-litter (CH), 07-02-2015
Sire to the von der Leibrücke L-litter (NL), 26-05-2016
Sire to the Northrock’s G-litter (CA), 23-05-2017
Sire to the Wiercilapa N-litter (PL), 14-06-2017|
Sire to the Barbet Bay’s Foreverandaday-litter (SE), 24-04-2020
Sire to the von der Leibrücke U-litter (NL), 27-11-2020

Billy was born as the fifth pup in Alba’s first litter. He’s always been a sturdy boy but he never used his weight against his littermates.

Billy weighs 28 kilos and is 59 centimeters high. His temperament is typical Barbet, stable and friendly, social and open. Billy loves walking, running, swimming and retrieving.