JCh. Nuphar’s Elementary

Watson almost 14 months

Mother: Nuphar’s Connect The Dots (NL/NL)
Father: Hickory Tavern Fool For Brookberry (US/US)
Born: 23 January 2019
6 brothers (2 black, 4 black-white) & 4 sisters (black)

Hips: A
Eyes (clinical ECVO): Free of all eye-problems (15-01-2021)
prcd-PRA (DNA): N/n (carrier) 

Watson’s Embark-profiel
Watson on Pawpeds
Watson in de Dutch Kennel Club Database
Watson’s BetterBred certificate

Watson was the firstborn in the litter. More information about the litter is found here.

Initialy we would only keep a female from this litter. But in the end we couldn’t resist this boy so he stayed on, along with his sister Fika. In the litter, Watson was the most balanced in construction and he has a relaxed, calm but very playful temperament.

Watson is a very enthousiastic and sweet dog, sometimes his big feet and sturdy body make him a bit clumsy. He’s a real boy in movement and how he plays.
He loves being with us, to cuddle or play or just to be next to you for a nap.
Play is Watson’s favorite pastime, with his sister Fika but basicly with whoever is up for it. Watson and his grandma Lotus are inseperable.
He is very social with other, also unknown, dog. Most of the time he responds correclty to signals of other dogs who don’t want contact. Leaving newfound friends behind isn’t always easy but he comes along when asked.
Of course, we focus on keeping this lovely temperament by making sure his adolence is filled with positive experiences. 

Watson has lots of bone, beautiful proportions in head and body and a nice, not too high, size. As a pup he grew so fast his muscles had a hard time keeping up, but now (11 months old) he has grown into his body very nicely.

Watson almost 11 months

When we had to name ‘red boy’ – at the time still thinking of finding him a co-owner – his pedigree-name Elementary made it an easy choice: Watson!