Litter I to O


On December 27th 2013 Alba’s second litter was born: 2 males and 5 females. Click on the name to go to each puppies own page.

Nuphar’s In Full Swing, Tux Nuphar’s Jubilation, Pippa Nuphar’s Kissable, Noah
Nuphar’s Linger A Little Longer, Gys Nuphar’s Moments In The Moonlight, Malou
Nuphar’s Necessity, Breaa Nuphar’s Opportunity Knocks, Mexx

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After careful consideration and research, we decided on another English male for Alba’s second and last litter. The partner of our choice is Claude, aka Netis Hazzah. This will be the pedigree of their puppies.

The main reason for choosing Claude, is his mothersline. We’ve met Ebène on several occaisions and each time were impressed by her sweet and stable temperament, which reminds us of Alba a lot. Her conformation and coat are also very similar to Alba, despite the fact they have only a few shared ancestors. The wish to combine Alba’s and Ebene’s lines was in my mind from the first meeting.
Ebène is imported from Canada and though the Canadese stock originates from Europe, there are no other dogs, male or female, with similar pedigrees here. Luckily for us, one of Ebènes sons is available. This will mean the appearance of Ooli in this pedigree too. Because we are more then happy with the pups from Alba’s first litter, we see this as a good thing. We are also convinced the addition of Ebène’s bloodline will be positive.

When we travelled to England for Alba’s mating with Ooli, we admired Claude and his siblings as tiny puppies. He’s grown up to be a 58 cm’s tall and 22,5 kilos heavy boy. He has a nice will-to-please with a nice temperament who lives in a pack with both males and females without any problems.

Claude’s hips have been scored in the British (BVA) as well as the FCI system and is graded A in both. His eyes are clear of any abnormalities.
Claude’s 2 borthers and 2 sisters are all of a nice, relatively small size with lovely temperaments and good health.

In August Claude got his TAN, a working ability test. He regularly goes to hunting training with his owner, so that was expected.

Click HERE for more pictures of Claude. 

Alba has proven to be a good, devoted mom for her first litter. She is in perfect health and has won over many heart by just being who she is.
Alba comes from a litter of 5 of which 4 puppies have been hipscored, with good results. 3 out of 5 have had eye-tests and are clear of problems. All have a nice size and type, 4 have been showed with good results and all are happy to work with their owners.

The puppies from Alba’s first litter have grown up to be very nice, in character, conformation as well as health. We expect to receive some health-test result for hips and/or eyes in the coming months. You can read more about the A to H-litter and the individual puppies by clicking on the buttons.

In the combination of Claude and Alba, we know several of the dogs personally including both Claudes parents and his grandmother.
We’ve seen that this line produces a lovely type as well as dogs that show the typical Barbet-temperament wherever they are.

Of course we hope to see this nice even temperament in their puppies, as well as the nice size and type. We are expecting black and brown puppies, solid colored or with varying amounts of white.

We did NOT decide on Claude because he is brown-pied. We do NOT place puppies based on color and/or markings. We understand a personal preference but the temperament of a dog is much more important then color when the dog is sharing your life. If you are only interested in a certain color, we are not the right breeders for you.

Of course, this litter will be bred according to our breedingstrategy