The kennelname

All puppies born with us will get a pedigree-name starting with our prefix ‘Nuphar’s’.

The reason we chose this prefix for our kennels name is Anne’s last name, which is Plomp. The waterplant with the scientific name ‘Nuphar lutea’, or yellow water-lily is called ‘gele plomp’ in Dutch.

Nuphar is derived from the arabic word for water-lily, lutea is the latin word for yellow.

However, if you’d translate it one on one from the scientific name to Dutch, Nuphar would mean Plomp.

So, our kennelname is the latin word for Plomp’s. This way, all
puppies born here will carry Annes last name in their official name. We also thought it fitting for a waterdog to be named after a water-plant.


Extra fun detail is the fact that the common water-lily has ‘Nymphaea alba’ as the scientific name. Although Alba’s name was not chosen because it’s a common word in scientific names, it’s a nice coincidence.

On February 3rd 2012 ‘Nuphar’s’ was officially registered and entered into the Register of kennelnames at the Dutch Kennel Club.