Nuphar’s All My Tomorrows

Pointed towards Dutch Junior Championship
Pointed towards Dutch Championship

Mother: Quaciëndas Alba Aqua-Aura
Father: Novaforesta Dudley
Born: 31 May 2012
Owned by: Arno, Miska, Sylver and Jade Boots-Aksular
Lives in: Bergen, The Netherlands
Hips: A
Eyes: Free of all eye-problems (18-08-2014)
Dolce on Pawpeds
Dolces showresults
Dam to the Nuphar’s P to W litter, 14 March 2015
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Photo’s of Dolce, Nessa, Philou and Lotus (August 8th 2012)
Alba & Lotus visit Dolce at home (September 8th 2012)
Dolce spends the week with us (February 2013)
Spending a day at the lake (July 5th 2013)
Dolce, Alba & Lotus (July 2014)
Dolce’s Nuphar’s P to W-litter (March 2015)

Dolce is the very first Nuphar’s pup to be born, as she was the first puppy in the first litter.

From the first visit Miska, Arno and the kids made to meet us and Alba, we have talked about the fact they would want to breed a litter, if we would advise and help them.
In the litter Dolce was a calm puppy who never led the pack but in the meantime made sure she had her way. She was Alba’s favorite. Dolce has a calm temperament, but she has a lot of humour and loves to be active as well. Outside she can play and run with her (doggy)friend for hours, she is a social butterfly. She also likes doing things -training, going for a bicycle trip, to the beach, learning funny trics- she likes it all.At over 2 years old, Dolce is 54 cms high and weighs about 19 kilos. She grew up to be a beautiful Barbet with many breedtypical qualities.