Although we’re proud of our dogs’ showresults and showing is our hobby, championships and titles do NOT play a major role in our breeding programme. We do look at conformation, as proper structure is key for good health, but: 

‘It’s nice to be pretty, but it’s even prettier to be nice!’

21 December 2018

YES! Cait is pregnant, as the ultra-sound today showed us. We are preparing for a large litter around January 24th 2019.

26 November 2018

Yesterday and today, Cait was inseminated by TCI.
Another mile-stone in this adventure. After importing the semen, and now the inseminations, we will (im)patiently wait to see if it has been succesful.

30 October 2018

What a day, last Sunday at the Specialty Show organised by the Dutch Barbetclub!
We had entered the 3 girls. All of them won their class so we had our 3 generations in the line-up for Best Bitch, which made us proud.

That Cait was awarded Best Bitch and later Best Of Breed and Best In Specialty Show, made us even more proud. Alba was, for the 3rd time at a Dutch Specialty, reserve Best Bitch. Big thanks to the judges D. Rutten and D. Mensink for thinking so highly of our dogs.
More photo’s and the reports will be published on the blog.

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19 October 2018

We have published our litterplanning for this winter! Although this litter has been planned long ago, we took our time deciding whether or not to try Cait’s next season. But we have decided: gor for it!

Cait and Beau namen

16 October 2018

The website has been transfered almost completely to this domain. A few small things to be done, mostly updating the news and the blog, but from today the old website only refers to this one.

15 October 2018

The European Dog Show in Poland was a superfun experience. A nice trip and great results for Alba and Cait as a bonus. Alba is now European Veteran Winner ’18 and Polish Veteran Champion, Cait is European Winner ’18 and Polish Champion.
More will follow on the blog.


19 September 2018

Today we took Cait to the vet for an ECVO eye-examination: beautiful, healthy eyes without any trace of (heriditary) eye conditions!
Her first ECVO gave the same result, but that was some time ago. For breeding, the ECVO is valid for a year.
With this we can really go ahead with our breedingplans with Cait.

25 August 2018

Cait won Best Of Breed at the International show in Mechelen (Belgium). This makes her a Belgian Show Champion. In the group she was placed second!!!