Litterplanning winter 2018/2019

Cait (Nuphar’s Connect The Dots)


Beau (Hickory Tavern Fool For Brookberry)


* Cait is pregnant! We expect the puppies around 24th January 2019 *

Cait is from our most recent litter, the Nuphar’s X to D litter. She’s over 2,5 years old at the moment and she has developed into a very breedtypical Barbet with a temperament we love. She is relaxed but easily motivated for play or work, she recovers fast if she’s ever in a new or slightly scary situation, focused on us, very playfull, affectionate and social.

Cait has FCI A-hips and so far two ECVO eye-checks where no issues were found.
She also has an Embark-profile which shows she doesn’t carry for or suffer from any of the diseases they test for. The COI calculated over the complete DNA (the percentage of the loci in the DNA that are homozygote) is 8%. This is much lower then the statistic calculations predict.

Out of Cait’s 5 brothers and 1 sister, two brothers have been hip-scored. Jordy’s hips are OFA Excellent and Robin in Sweden has been hip-scored FCI A (for more health-checks, have a look at their own pages).

Cait’s selected partner is Beau (Canadian Champion & Certificate of Merit Hickory Tavern Fool For Brookberry).
Beau lives in America with his co-owners Donna and Stephanie Forte. His breeder, our friend Judy McMaster Descutner, is also one of his owners.
Donna en Stephanie are two generations of Labrador breeders, who fell in love with the Barbet when they met Judy and Nessa at a show in Canada.

That’s how Beau became part of their Labrador-pack. Beau is a stable, social boy with a sweet temperament who is in heaven when there are Labrador puppies to mother and to play with.
He is over 3,5 years old, about 58 cm, powerful in build with the characteristics we would like to keep in our lines. He’s the type we so love, with good bone, a very correct front, good ribs, nice low hocks and super movement. His black, loose curls are breedtypical and easy to maintain for his owners.
Beau’s show career has been finished for the time being, the next thing for this versatile boy is Dock Diving.

Beau’s hips are OFA Good, his eyes have been found clear of all heriditary issues for 3 years in a row now. Several other health-tests have been performed: here is an overview.
Beau also has an Embark-profile. This showed he is a carrier for prcd-PRA, an eye disease that probably is also applicable for the Barbet. A carrier will never display symptoms of the disease, and combined with a free partner (like Cait), offspring will never be at risk for the issue.
From the Embark-profile we learned that for Beau the percentage of homozygotous genepairs in his DNA is also a lot lower then to be expected statisticly: just like Cait it’s 8%.

Look HERE for more photos of Beau, from puppy to adult and as a showdog.

Part of Beau’s pedigree is very familiar to us, as his mom is Nessa. His father is a Canadian male who has been used for breeding in Europe once so far (no offspring available for breeding so far). Looking at future breeding options, we have so many options for pups from this combination (the pedigree of the pups).
We expect healthy, happy Barbets in the type and size we prefer, with a friendly and affectionate temperament.
From this combination there will be black puppies, maybe with some white markings.

Because Beau lives in America and we cannot easily travel there for a mating, we will be using modern techniques (artificial insemination).
The succesrate with this method is lower then with a natural mating. This is one of the reasons we have not announced our plans until now: we expect Cait to come into season at the end of October.

Update: Cait is pregnant! We expect a large litter around January 24th.

If you are seriously interested in a puppy from us and/or specificaly from this combination, feel free to contact us (contactform or by filling out our questionnaire).