Nieuws 2013

8 december 2013

Nu de pups alweer meer dan 18 maanden oud zijn, eindelijk eens een gaatje gevonden voor een nest-wandeling. De meeste pups hebben we tussendoor ook meerdere keren gezien maar met zijn allen is toch wel erg speciaal. Dit keer kon iedereen, dankzij flexibele baasjes, op uiteraard Nessa na. Geweldig om met 7 puppen te kunnen gaan wandelen, ze hebben zich ontzettend goed vermaakt. We zijn trots op deze sociale, vrolijke, vriendelijke honden en heel blij om te horen dat alle baasjes gelukkig zijn met hun viervoeter.

Alba heeft, in verband met haar dikker wordende buik, niet mee gewandeld maar in de hal waar we erna gezellig met zijn allen gegeten hebben gewacht met Wouter. Natuurlijk moest ze wel even mee op de foto!


27 November 2013
Yesterday we took Alba for an ultrasound. As expected Alba is pregnant! It was good to see the embryos on the screen, they looked well developed. We hope the second half of Alba’s gestation goes well and we are looking forward to a beautiful litter being born around December 27th.

We proudly introduce to you two of the puppies ;-).                                                                                                

30 October 2013

During a stormy weekend, Alba and Claude met up. Alba has been mated, we hope to see the evidence of the mating on the ultrasound in 4 weeks.
We have confindence in the combination of these two wonderful dogs :-). For more information on this litter see the Puppies page.                                                                                                 

21 August 2013
We have updated the Litter Planning! For Alba’s second and last litter, Claude has been chosen as Prince Charming ;-)!                                                                                                       

20 August 2013
It’s been more then a week since we returned from France, where Alba and Lotus have been shown during the Nationale d’Elevage (French Specialty Clubshow). The breed and the show was judged by mister Jean Jacques Dupas, a well-known judge who is seen as breedspecialist.

Lotus gained Best Junior in Breed with a beautiful report. However, it was Alba who stole the limelight – almost literally- by going Best Of Breed, which makes her the holder of the Georgii Challenge Trophy for a year, and rounding off the day by going Best In Specialty Show!
It’s been quite some time since a Barbet won BISS during the French Nationale d’Elevage, an achievement we are really proud off.

A more complete story of the weekend and the judges’ reports are on the blog. After the shows, we stayed on in France for a short vacation.    

17 April 2013
During the show in Maubeuge, France, Alba and Lotus showed themself well to all the judges.                                                                                      Lotus won 2nd Best Junior of the day and Alba won the Group!   

2 February 2013
Now that we have had the first show of 2013, for Lotus this time, I have updated her page. Her showresults and reports are all updated.
We get pictures from the puppies regularly, which we add to their own photo albums on Facebook. For the links, see their personal pages. We enjoy hearing about their lives. We have seen most of the pups again several times which is great. All are developing well. Now they are 8 months old they have more or less reached their adult hight and we are pleased all of them are a nice size, not too big. Both the boys and the girls are on the small side of the standard. Nice, easy sizes and all have nice proportions. Gangly puppies of course, as per their age.

Because we are very pleased with this litter up to now, we hope to breed a second litter with Alba. She recovered well from this first litter, she was a good mum and she enjoyed her puppies.
If all goes according to plan and all the ‘if’s and but’s’ go right, we hope to mate Alba next autumn. The A to H-pups will be almost 1,5 years old then.
The search for a second Mr. Perfect is still on.

For this litter we are looking for someone to own a male with us. Also see the page Puppies.

03 January 2013

On December 22nd we had the first Litter-walk of the Nuphar’s A-H puppies. 6 out of the 8 were there and everyone, puppies and owners, enjoyed a nice walk and then a meal at our home. We hope to meet up again soon.  

03 January 2013

In 2012, Alba was shown very lightly at only 3 shows, one of them the breedclubshow.
At the Amsterdam Winner Show on November 25th, she won Best of Breed and Winner’12 and this one time in the Groupring she also managed to make the cut in the group from a group of very high quality dogs.