Nieuws 2011

30 December 2011
Almost the end of 2011, another year gone and a new one about to start. We hope for a happy, healthy, successful 2012 for everyone!

Alba is enjoying some quiet time, we had the last show for this year a few weeks ago (for results see the blog and Alba’s showresult-page) and
the dogschool has closed for the holidays. Of course, daily walks are still on so she won’t get lazy ;-).In 2011 we have taken Alba to 13 shows (including some open shows) in total, and the FCI Champion of Champions Show in Brussels as an extra treat.She collected 8 BOB’s, 5 selections in the group and some placements, Best French Breed of the Day in Paris and lovely critiques. She managed some awesome wins from big entries and received praise from allrounder and specialist judges alike.
This year Alba also finished 4 new Champion titles (for 3 we are waiting to get the official certificates) and won FCI Centenary Winner.Even more important: Alba has had a healthy, happy year full of fun, trying new sports and enjoying her walks. We enjoy every day with her and look forward to see what 2012 will bring us.

8 November 2011
Last weekend we have traveled to the UK to visit Ooli (Novaforesta Dudley) at Annette Dinsdales (Netis Spinone and Barbets). Of course we took Alba along to meet Ooli as well.
We have had a great weekend and are very happy to say Ooli was even more beautiful and lovely than we had expected. He has a wonderful temperament, very happy and social, and he is a well balanced Barbet of a type we love. 

More about our trip and pictures can be found on the blog.


28 October 2011
This morning we took Alba for her eye-test. Everything is fine. Even though this was expected it’s a relief.Next weekend we are going to visit Alba’s fiancé-to-be. We fully expect to love him in real life as well and are looking forward to presenting our choice.

Also, there are some new, fun entries on the blog!    

17 October 2011
We have made the request to officially register our chosen kennelname! Last week we received the bill. Now we will wait for the rest to happen: the publication of the kennelname and a house visit. ‘Nuphar’s’ is not registered with the FCI yet and a Google search doesn’t result in much so we assume the  name won’t be a problem. We also trust the house visit will go fine and hopefully that will happen before the end of the year.

7 October 2011
After a long time of researching, puzzling, doubts, talking, more doubt, more researching, talking and thinking about it, we finally took the step and send an email to the male we choose as the partner for Alba.
After a few days of tension, we know it’s not a decision the owner of a male makes lightly, we received a very nice reply with positive news! We will be making a trip shortly to visit the Chosen One in real life.
While we are pretty sure we will like him as much as we think based on papers and pictures, it’s good to meet him and see him as he really is.

Because nothing is sure yet, we’ll keep the name of the male secret for now. When both we and the owner of the male are completely sure of this combination, we’ll announce his name. A bit more patience!