News 2015

8 December 2015
The first images of the Nuphar’s X to ? litter! Although it was already clear from Lotus’growing belly, her pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound today. There are more pictures and a video on de Blog.

14 November 2015
Lotus and Toby (Outdoors Asterix) had a meeting on 9 and 10 November. Assuming Lotus is in whelp, we expect puppies around January 9th 2016. Read more about the trip and the matings on the Blog (in Dutch).

14 November 2015
In October we have had Tux’ hips checked for HD. The result if the x-rays is good: HD-A, which means his hips are as they should be! On November 9th, his eyes have also been checkd by the ECVO-specialist and found to be free of all eye-diseases, including distichiasis. This means Tux complies to the rules stated by the Dutch Barbet Club for breedingstock. He is not available for stud service as yet, plenty of time for that after he has had some more time to mature.

25 August 2015
We hope to welcome our next litter at the end of this year/beginning of next year, out of our Lotus. Her partner will be Toby. On the Puppies page you can learn more about this combination.

27 May 2015
All the puppies of the P to We litter, or the Pee-Wee’s as we call them, have moved to their new homes. They have their own pages on the website. It was a special aventure! Dolce was a great mom, who is now enjoying the fact Liva stayed with her. We are looking forward to seeing these puppies grow up.

8 April 2015
Dolce’s pups are thriving, growing up so fast! We are enjoying watching them grow and develop.

In America, Nessa has given birth to 8 puppies, 3 boys and 5 girls (just like Dolce and, coincidently, just like the litter they come from themselves!).
Check out Judy’s blog for more pictures and updates of these beauties!

27 March 2015
Dolces puppies have been born on March 14th, 3 males and 5 females. On the blog there is a post about the birth HERE. On Facebook there is a PHOTOALBUM (also visible for people without a FB-account). The puppies are almost 2 weeks by now, they are growing well and developing quickly as puppies should. Dolce is a good mom and Miska and her family are enjoying having a litter to raise.

3 March 2015
After Tux (N. In Full Swing) making up his Dutch Juniorchampionship at the show in Eindhoven by inning Best of Breed and Best In Group 6, he wins BOB again at the show in Groningen. Here he was also awarded the titels Beneluxjuniorwinner NL’15 en Beneluxwinner NL’15. This makes for 4 titles, after only 6 shows in Juniorclass! Go Tux!

26 February 2015
In America an ultrasound showed that Judy can look forward to pups from Nessa (N. Gift-Wrapped) around March 31st. The father is Murdoch (Flacon D’Paris of Neigenuveaux) from Canada.

11 February 2015
DOLCE IS CONFIRMED IN WHELP! Read more about the ultrasound on the BLOG (or all posts about the pregnancy).

6 February 2015
Ela en Billy’s puppies have been born. No less then 10! 6 males and 4 females. Ela is a wonderful mom and the pups are growing well. A small intoduction in the picture. On Carmela’s blog you can see new pics regularly, so it’s worth it to check out the development of these wonderful pups!

28 January 2015
The puppies of Cayenne and Thibault have all left their mom to start their lifes with their new families. It’s really nice some of the new owners have already made contact with us, it will be great seeing the puppies grow up!

Meanwhile, Dolce is hopefully already in her 3rd week and her behaviour points towards her being pregnant! Exciting times ahead!

14 January 2015
Dolce is in a hurry it seems! After coming in to season a few weeks earlier then expected, she also surprised us by being ready for a mating sooner then expected. So off we went to Koln (Cologne) in Germany, where handsome Emil (Eddie Bo da Capo) was waiting for us. There have been two good matings on 12 and 13 January. If all goes well, we hope to welcome this litter around March 15th.
More about the trip and more photo’s can be found on the blog.

6 January 2015
The year starts off well with the good news about Ela’s confirmed pregnancy. It doesn’t seem to be a very large litter so we are looking forward to see the exact number of pups Ela is hiding inside her for a few weeks more. For more information about the litter, see kennel von Springbell.