News 2012

19 August 2012
After the long, intensive puppy-period that followed the birth of the puppies, 5 of the 8 pups have left for their new homes. Aside from Lotus (N. Deep In A Dream), who will stay with us, we still have Dolce (N. All My Tomorrows) and Philou (N. Captivation) staying. As soon as their new owners return from their holidays, we will also have to say goodbye to them. We have full faith in their new owners and we’ll meet up again soon. The same goes for the other pups. We hope to share their adventures on our blog.
Of course it was about time to give the litter and the puppies their own spot on the website. That is why we haven’t only changed the lay-out but we have also adapted the ‘Puppies’-page, added a page with information about Nuphar’s A to H-litter and a page for each puppy. Lotus got her own pages where we will keep track of all that happens with her.
We look back on this first litter with pleasure and pride. Alba has been the perfect mum following her almost carefree pregnancy and the easy, quick birth. Alba still loves to play with her puppies and grooms and cleans them daily. 
We are very content with what Alba and Ooli have given us, both in construction and characters the puppies exceedour expectations. We hope all 8 will grow up to beautiful, healthy and sweet Barbets who meet all their new owners expectations.

1 June 2012
On 31 May 2012 Alba and Ooli’s puppies were born. There are 8 puppies, 3 black boys with more or less little white markings, 1 black girl with white toes, 1, 3 brown girls with little white markings and 1brown girl with Irish markings (chest and belly, legs, tail tip, collar and blaze). While they are not heavy puppies they are healthy, happy and fully carried to term (63 days after ovulation).

For more pictures, see the Blog

1 May 2012

We can now officially announce that Alba is pregnant! Today we have been to the veterinarian clinic for an ultrasound. As soon as the machine touched her skin, 3 beautiful, well-developed embryo’s were seen! The vet tried to count how many there are, she expects about 8 puppies.We’ll see, for now we are very happy we have seen the prove of life. On the blog, there are more pictures ánd 2 bits of video’s of the tiny hearts beating.           


24 March 2012

Last Wednesday Alba came into season! Of course the first thing we did was email the puppy-people on the waitinglist, Ooli’s owner Annetteand his breeder Wendy. Everyone send us back happy e-mails, very nice.
Monday we will go for the first progesterone test. We expect to do another one before we start our journey to England, but Alba’s behaviour during her last seasons leads us to believe she will be ready to mate fairly early in her cycle. Very exciting!
On Thursday we got the news Oolis first puppies were born in England. There’s a pic on the blog!
Alba and Solene, one in The Netherlands and the other in America, show that Barbets will be Barbets everywhere in the world. Alba was 12 days old, Solene 16. We hope to add another similar picture to the series in about 11 weeks. 

16 March 2012

Because it’s almost spring, it was time to fill up an album with pictures of Alba’s autumn and winter 2011/12 for her photo-page. We also added some new links from kennels from friends. 
We’re very much looking forward to Alba coming into season, but we’re equally excited about Ooli’s first offspring which will be born very soon. Ebene in the UK is currently into her last week. Even though Alba and Ebene are not close family, they are very similar in type. Because we prefer type-to-type breeding over close linebreeding, we are very curious to see what Ooli & Ebene can produce.
Alba during a walk last Wednesday

29 February 2012

The last couple of weeks we have received so much good news from several official organisations.
Alba’s championship diploma’s from the FCI (International Beauty Champion) en VDH (German Champion) have arrived, as well as a letter that her FCI Centenary Show Champion diploma will also arrive soon. That was a reason for a shopping expedition to Ikea for new picture frames!
The Dutch Kennel Club brought us the wonderful news that the puppies Alba and Ooli will hopefully  have will get an official pedigree, despite the panic created by Ooli being English with a French pedigree. Now that is settled, we are sure the paperwork is all in order and we are looking forward to the next England-trip, expected this coming month. 
And today, Alba’s new hipscore arrived.Keep the good news coming please ;-).

11 February 2012
We have a new blog! Because it was impossible to import all my old messages into the blog, we decided to start over at another provider. Now all my blogs are in this blog.  

There is also a new page ‘Breedingstrategy’ under the button ‘About us’, about how we think about breeding and how we go about to look for the ideal combination.  

6 February 2012
Last Saturday we got a big envelope from the Dutch Kennel Club containing the kennelcard and a letter that our prefix has been approved and officially registered! Now we know for sure all puppies born here will carry Nuphar’s as their registered kennelname.  Learn about why we chose this name here.          


11 January 2012
Today I added some links, most of them about health, coat-color genetics and positive training.              

Below a Alba having fun on a walk last week (for more pics see the blog, we update it regularly).